Friday, May 11, 2012

Dealing with grumpy moods

You know those days we all have from time to time when nothing seems to go your way and every incy-wincy thing irritates you? Well last week on Tuesday there was no chocolate in our house and I was having one of those days. Clearly I had tumbled out of the wrong side of the bed metaphorically speaking.

Being the consummate professional that I am, none of my clients had the slightest idea of the grumpiness simmering away just beneath my smiley fa├žade… but the people I love most, my three sons did. Oh yes, I can be truly immature and childish when I put my mind to it. By the time the boys arrived home from school I had once again managed to transform myself into the female equivalent of Lord Voldemort (the most powerful dark wizard of all time in the Harry Potter series).

Acknowledging a grumpy mood can go a long way towards easing the tension and helping miserable thoughts and feelings evaporate. So after having a somewhat lengthy rant to Max, Sam and Henry, I then apologised and said lamely: “I’m sorry I’m just feeling really grumpy for no particular reason.”

Luckily my friend Em arrived for dinner shortly afterwards, breezing through the door with a mixed box of Kurrnung Citrus’s sweet autumn grapefruit and Valencia oranges… and a very nice bottle of NZ Sauvignon Blanc which does wonders for a mother’s moral around 6.30pm on a Tuesday.

The best thing about good friends is you can be yourself around them without fear of judgement. I apologised to Em and explained that I was feeling unaccountably grumpy (which of course had the immediate effect of helping me to feel significantly more cheerful). Em for her part showed plenty of empathic understanding and that does wonders for anyone when they are feeling gloomy. It makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside (not to mention normal), when we are reminded that everyone goes through exactly the same feelings from time to time as ourselves.

By the time we’d laughed and munched our way through a dinner of Barham Meats’ super fresh flake pan-fried and artistically placed atop a salad of mixed greenery from my veggie garden with copious amounts of homemade guacamole, my grumpy mood was a distant memory.

When it comes to empathic understanding for women, nothing quite beats a Girl’s Night Out. Men may have their fishing trips but we women have the Girl’s Night Out.

As luck would have it, tonight (Friday night), our very own Barham Preschool are holding a Girl’s Night Out in the Beer Garden of the Barham Hotel from 6.30pm to raise funds. At $30 per head this philanthropic night out includes a noble cause; a complimentary glass of wine, beer or soft drink on arrival; plenty of delicious snacky food all night, music and the excellent company and laughter of your new and old found friends.

For additional information give Kiralee O’Neill a call on 0437 352 203 or Leonie Borley on 0429 656 662 or just turn up, remembering that last minute adventures are often the best.

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